Bellman Mino Audio Amplifier

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Bellman Mino Audio Amplifier

Even with hearing aids, background interference means that often you cannot hear what people around you are saying, especially if you're out and about. The Bellman Mino Audio Amplifier is a compact device that actively works to clarify speech while using an algorithm to reduce excess noise. Designed for outdoor use, this lightweight amplifier can be kept in your pocket to allow you to hear better on the go.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Personal Amplifier
  • 1 x USB Universal Charger
  • Mains Plug and Charging Cable
  • Neck Strap with Safety Clasp
  • User Manual
  • Quick Guide

Please Note: The first image on this product shows the Mino with the Microset accessory, this is for illustrative purposes only. The Microset is sold separately.

What Is This Product?

The Mino is an audio amplifier that uses a digital algorithm to enhance speech and human voices while filtering out any background noise. Use with headphones as an alternative to a hearing aid or as a complement to your hearing aid when in noisy areas.  

Who Can Benefit from Using the Bellman Mino Audio Amplifier?

This audio amplifier increases the volume of whatever you're listening to, directly into your ears. Designed for use as a standalone device or as a perfect complement to hearing aids and cochlear implants, the Mino uses an algorithm to filter out interference while making voices clearer whether you're out in a busy place, with the family at dinner or watching TV.

Woman Happily Wearing the Bellman Audio Mino Amplifier

How Does the Bellman Audio Mino Work?

Connect the Mino to regular headphones or your hearing aids/cochlear implants and the nifty device will pick up exactly the sounds you want to hear, while filtering out those you don't. The Mino is also equipped with a Telecoil that picks up sounds in venues fitted with hearing loop systems and it can connect to your TV, radio or MP3, to give you a better quality of sound both in and out of the home. 

Clear Sound Without Background Noise

While hearing aids help many people to hear better, they often have a downside of causing the volume of all audio to increase, meaning busy rooms and public places can be too noisy for you to hear what is going on. That's why the Mino specifically works to filter out background as well as enhancing speech and human voices, for a clarity of sound that hearing aids can't provide on their own.

Internal Microphone

The Mino features an omnidirectional microphone, meaning that sound is picked up from all around the device and for that reason this microphone is best used indoors and in quieter environments. It works alongside the advanced digital algorithm to ensure that sound from all directions is picked up while only speech and human voices are enhanced. If a green light is showing by the MIC button, then the omnidirectional microphone is selected.

Bellman Audio Maxi Classic Features an Omnidirectional Microphone
The omnidirectional microphone picks up sound from all around the device

Directional Microphone for Outdoors

The Mino features a directional microphone separate to its omnidirectional microphone. The directional microphone is better suited to outdoor, noisy environments as it will only pick up audio from the direction it is pointed in. Face the device to the person you're talking to and, alongside the digital algorithm, this will remove all background noise while enhancing their speech. If the orange light is showing by the MIC button, then the directional microphone is selected.

Bellman Audio Mino Directional Microphone Blocking Out External Noises
The directional microphone picks up sound from where the device is facing

Suitable for Hearing Aids

This device will enhance the quality of audio coming through your hearing aids or cochlear implant. If you want to use the Mino with hearing aids it must be attached to the Bellman Neck Loop (available for purchase here) which will send the audio signals directly to your hearing aids.

Discreet Design

The Mino is a compact device designed to be flexible and easy to customise in as small a space as possible. Increase and decrease the volume, adjust the tone and switch between microphones and telecoil all on a small handset that will easily fit in your pocket. If you are looking for a device more suited to those with low visibility or dexterity, the Bellman Maxi is available here.

Hand Holding Maxi Classic Personal Amplifier

Tone Adjustment

The Mino Audio Amplifier allows you to adjust the tone on whatever you are listening to by either increasing or decreasing the treble. A higher treble makes the letters S, F and T more pronounced. If you are hard of hearing, then adjusting the tone of what you're listening to can have a significant impact on the clarity of speech, making previously muddy words more distinct.

Works with Telecoil

Featuring a built in telecoil, the Mino can connect to audio loops in venues such as theatres, museums or cinemas wherever you see the inductive loop symbol (pictured below). By connecting to an inductive hearing loop, you will have the sound source transferred directly into your hearing aid or choice of headphones so that you can hear without the interference of background noise.

Telecoil Symbol for Venues that the Bellman Maxi Personal Amplifier Can Connect To
Telecoil symbol - if you see this at a venue you can use your Mino Audio Amplifier to connect to their induction loop

Highly Customisable

You can personalise your Bellman Mino Audio Amplifier to have the settings that will work best for you, or if you are prescribing a client the personal amplifier then you can pre-set it with the settings that will be most suited to their specific needs. There are many settings you can adjust, such as:

  • Left-right balance
  • Basic attenuation
  • Stereo or mono audio
  • Bass reduction
  • Disable the telecoil
  • Pre-set or disable the tone control
  • Reset to factory default

Connect to TV or Radio

Designed for flexibility, the Mino can connect to a variety of audio producing devices such as a TV or radio via a 2.5mm stereo jack. It is also flexible in the ways that it can output audio, either to a hearing aid/cochlear implant via the Bellman Neck Loop or through a 3.5mm audio jack to headphones or earphones.

Portable for On-the-Go Use

It's easy to keep the Mino on your person as it is supplied with a neck strap, to wear it on your person or, as it is lightweight and compact, simply carry it with you in your pocket. If you have the Mino on you while out and about, you can be confident that you will be able to clearly hear whoever you're meeting or wherever you're going.

Huge Battery Life

Not only is this device easy to set up but also it is rechargeable, so you don't need to worry about getting new batteries. The built-in rechargeable battery has an extensive 29 hour battery life and charges fully in just 4 hours. Thanks to this impressive battery life you can be confident that your device won't run out on you and, once depleted, that you won't be waiting long before you can use it again.

Key Features of the Bellman Mino Audio Amplifier

  • The digital algorithm delivers crystal clear sound, emphasising speech and filtering out background noise
  • Omnidirectional microphone for use in quiet environments and indoors to listen to all surrounding sound
  • Directional microphone for use outdoors or areas with a lot of noise to listen where the device is pointed
  • Built-in telecoil connects to hearing loop systems where available so that the audio plays directly in your ear
  • Designed to be compact and portable so that you can easily carry it with you or wear it when you're out
  • Works for up to 29 hours using rechargeable batteries and is fully charged in just 4 hours
  • Advanced settings, such as LR-balance and bass reduction, to personalise your device to work best for you
  • Easy to use, access all functions with the simple buttons and there are no complicated menus to navigate
  • Versatile device with a range of connections so you can enjoy great sound at the volume that is right for you
  • Works with hearing aids as it helps to filter out distracting background noise that can cause interference
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 99 x 48 x 22mm (3.9 x 1.9 x 0.9")
  • Weight: 74g (approx. 0.16lbs)

Technical Specifications

  • Microphone Signal: built in omnidirectional and directional microphone
  • Telecoil Pickup for Inductive Loop Systems
  • External Sound Source Input: 2.5mm stereo jack plug
  • Headphone Socket Signal: 3.5mm stereo jack plug
  • Distortion: 0.05% THD (electrical)
  • Frequency Range: 40 - 10kHz
  • Tone Control: 9 steps
  • Volume Control: 9 steps
  • Output Power: 100mW (16 Ω load)
  • Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
  • Operating Time: Up to 29 hours 
  • Charging Time: 4 hours
  • Maximum Output (using BE9124 earphones): 132dB SPL
  • Gain at Full Volume (using BE9124 earphones): 60dB SPL
  • Input Signal: 57.5dB @ 1kHz, 56dB HFA
  • Distortion: 0.08% THD (using BE9124), 0.6% THD (using BE9122)

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