Bellman Audio Neck Loop

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Bellman Audio Neck Loop

Do you wear hearing aids or cochlear implants, and find it difficult to hear in certain situations? It can be difficult when your hearing aid picks up too much background noise but, by pairing your Bellman Personal Amplifier with this Bellman Audio Neck Loop, you will dramatically improve the quality of your audio experience.

Who Can Benefit from Using the Bellman Audio Neck Loop?

The Neck Loop is designed to help hard of hearing people who already use a hearing aid or have a cochlear implant but find that background noise causes a lot of distracting interference. To improve the quality of your hearing while you're out and about the neck loop works with Bellman's personal amplifiers to clarify voices and human speech while filtering out any other noise.

How Does the Neck Loop Work?

Simply plug the neck loop into your audio device, for example the Bellman Maxi Pro Bluetooth Amplifier and switch your hearing instruments to telecoil, or "T", position for clear, powerful hearing amplification. You should now find that your hearing aids do not pick up as much background noise while speech is enhanced and easier to hear.

Old Lady Wearing the Bellman Neck Loop

Designed for Exceptional Quality

Dual channel output ensures high quality output power, whilst the soft fabric and tangle free design guarantees comfortable use for everyday wear. The neck loop can also plug into your MP3 player, computer or mobile phone, enabling you to enjoy everyday activities without straining to hear.

Key Features of the Bellman Audio Neck Loop

  • Dual channel output for a higher output power resulting in better sound
  • Works with a speech amplifier, MP3 player, computer or mobile phone 
  • Compatible with Bellman audio range of amplifiers for excellent quality
  • Breakaway strap in case the loop is caught it will never present a safety risk
  • Soft fabric tube comfortable to wear and hygienic even after long periods
  • Tangle free cable makes the neck loop easy to handle and portable
  • Silicone cable material is pliable and non-restrictive for your comfort
  • Tie clip for optimum positioning, ensuring that the neck loop stays in place
  • Gold plated plugs avoid corrosion to guarantee a longer product life
  • Lightweight design is easy to wear for long periods and transport
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 34 x 38 x 14mm (1.3 x 1.5 x 0.5")
  • Weight: 60g (approx. 0.13lbs)

Technical Specifications

  • Impedance: 2 x 5Ω
  • Connector: 3.5mm gold plated and 90° angled teleplug (stereo)
  • Output: 1500mA/m @ 15cm/6" distance and 2 x 50mW input signal
  • Dimensions WxHxD: 3.5 x 4 x 1cm
  • Neck strap length: 70cm (2.3")
  • Cable length: 90cm (2.9")
  • Neck loop diameter: 22cm (8.7")

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