How to change the ear wax filter on hearing aids - Alpha Clinics

1. Carefully remove the dome by placing your finger and thumb on the speaker/thin tube with one hand, and gently pinch the dome with your finger and thumb with the other.

2. Gently pull the dome or mould and speaker/thin tube in opposite directions to remove the dome. 
3. Remove the wax filter tool from its storage shell. It has two pins: an empty pin for removing the old wax filter, and one with the new wax filter.
4. Push the empty pin into the wax filter in the earpiece speaker and pull the old filter out.
5. Insert the new wax filter into the earpiece speaker using the other pin. 
6. Re-attach the dome to the speaker/thin tube making sure it’s fastened securely.  
7. The used tool can now be disposed of in the bin.


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