Starkey SurfLink Remote Microphone 2

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Starkey’s SurfLink Remote Microphone 2 is a discreet and lightweight device that is incredibly easy to use. It has a simple and tactile on/off slider and a sync button – no other potentially confusing controls to manage.

The sync button only needs to be uséd when initially pairing your hearing aids and the remote microphone as this process only needs to be done once. Full pairing instruction is supplied in the manual provided. Once paired, switching the microphone on with the on/off slider will cause sound to begin streaming automatically if your hearing aids are in range. A handy LED emits different colours based on the device status. When the device is low in battery, the LED light will pulse red. This device charges using a micro-USB cable.

2 Modes of the Microphone 2:

The device can be uséd in two different modes to optimise your listening experience based upon the environment you are in.

  • “Focus” mode: When clipped to the clothing of your conversation partner, or worn on a lanyard around their neck the microphone will prioritise sound from directly above. This will capture their voice much closer to its source and transmit the sound wirelessly to your hearing aids. Ideal for two people out to dinner, 1:1 business meetings in a noisy café, or when shopping with friends.
  • “Surround” mode: When placed flat on it’s clip on a table or similar surface, the microphone picks up sound from all directions. This is ideal for meetings around large tables or meetings when you’re typically in a circle.


Starkey SurfLink accessories are compatible with wireless Picasso, Muse iQ, Muse, SoundLens Synergy iQ, SoundLens Synergy and Z Series hearing aids.

Though pairing can be done at home, your hearing aids will need to have been programmed to be able to interact with the SurfLink accessories. Your hearing care professional may have already done this, but it can be done at any time if not.


For best performance in focus mode, the SurfLink Remote Microphone 2 should be within 8 inches (20cm) of the speaker’s mouth and the device should be within line-of-sight of the hearing aids.

  • Lightweight and discreet
  • Easily clips to the clothing of your conversation partner for better 1:1 conversation in noise
  • Can lay flat on a table to pick up sounds from all-around – ideal for meetings around large tables
  • Power on/off slider
  • Micro USB Jack for charging

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