Starkey Snap Fit RIC Receivers

Size: 1
Power: 40db
Ear: Right
Sale price£40.00 GBP


Replacement receivers for selected Starkey hearing aids available in different sizes and power levels.

The Starkey Snapfit receiver tubing does not need any special tools for replacing it.

Just unscrew the receiver from the hearing aid, if you see 2 gold pins and not 6 small sockets your hearing aid is using a standard receiver.


Starkey LivioAI, Livio, Muse iQ, Muse, Halo iQ, Halo2, Halo, Z Series & 3 Series hearing aids.


Length sizes 1 - 5

Power 40db, 50db, 60db

Blue - Left Ear

Red - Right ear


1 x Receiver wire & ear retention lock



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