Starkey Hearing Aid Wax Guards 1 Pack Hear Clear

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Each person’s wax maintenance routine is different depending on your personal wax built up, as well as the length of time your use your hearing aids for each day. We recommend to clean your hearing aid pieces on a regular basis to prevent the wax built up around the hearing aid parts.

When to change your wax guard;

Wax guard require changing regularly, most commonly every 3-4 weeks.

Everyone is different when it comes to the time to change your wax guard, but we recommend changing it when the sound quality from the aid / receiver starts to dip. Sometimes you can visibly see how built up the wax filter is, this can indicate to you when to change it.

How to change your Hear Clear wax guard;

When changing your wax filters is also recommended to clean the area around the filter to ensure all wax is removed from the receiver before inserting you new filter. Ensuring your hands are clean and dry before changing your wax guard to ensure the best possible cleanliness.

Each Hear Clear wax guard stick has 2 ends tips.

1. The empty tip is used first to remove your used wax guard from your receiver. Press onto the wax guard with the empty stick end firmly. When lifted the used wax guard should then be released.

Check in and around the receiver for any further wax which has been transferred, clean this off before inserting your new wax guard.

2. The white end is the end with your new wax guard. Once the used wax guard is removed you can insert the new guard by inserting the white end into the receiver firmly. When you remove the stock the wax guard will stay in place.


The Stakey Hear Clear is designed for Starkey hearing aids. Suitable for RIC, CIC, ITC & ITE hearing aids.


1 pack includes 8 filters


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