Starkey Hearing Aid Domes - Comfort

Size: 5mm
Type: Open
Sale price£8.99 GBP


The occluded Comfort Bud provides consistent occlusion (secure/close fitting). Other types of earbuds may fold or irregularly bend upon insertion into the ear, reducing the acoustic seal of the earbud. The Comfort Bud has a retaining ring that helps it to resist puckering even when the earbud is being constricted. Achieved occlusion with other earbud designs may differ greatly depending upon earbud position or placement; with the occluded Comfort Bud, a more consistent fit can be achieved with each insertion.

The open Comfort Bud provides comfort with maximum acoustic openness. The vents on the open Comfort Bud are positioned to reduce contact with the ear canal wall. Reducing itchiness and pressure points.

Domes are recommended to be changed every 1 - 2 months.

Removing a dome is simple and can be done by firmly grasping the speaker/ thin tube and pulling off the old dome.

After you have safely removed your dome from the hearing aid, take the new home in your hand and place it the same spot as your old dome. Push the new dome firmly to ensure that it is securely fastened.

1 pack includes 10 domes.

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