Starkey Starlink 2.4 GHz TV Streamer

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The Starkey TV Streamer is designed to stream audio from electronic audio sources directly to your Starkey Livio and Evolv wireless compatible hearing aids. Starkey TV can be connected to many electronic audio sources, including televisions, computers, MP3 players, DVD players, Sky and cable boxes.


Starkey Livio Edge AI, Livio AI and Livio, Evolv AI and Genesis AI hearing aids.

You can pair the device to your hearing aids yourself without the help of a hearing professional, simply turn your hearing aids off, put the device into pairing mode and then switch your hearing aids back on. Place the hearing aids within 6 inches of the device. They will shortly pair to the device automatically.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Large icon buttons
  • Sleek design and colour
  • LED Light indicators
  • Lightweight and un-obstructive
  • Can also connect to computers, MP3 players, DVD players, cable boxes, Bluetooth® or Amazon Echo and Echo Dot (3.5mm Jack).
  • Supports both analogue and digital input sources
  • Optical TOSLINK jack point
  • Analog 3.5mm jack point
  • 15 Meter, 50 feet, range from hearing aids


1 x TV Streamer, 1 x World Wide Mains Power Adapters, 1 x Optical Toslink Cable, 1 x 3.5mm to RCA Cable, 1 x User Guide

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