Signia Mini Receiver 2.0 For Signia, Siemens, Specsavers Advance, AudioService

Ear: Right
Size (Length): 0
Power: Standard
Sale price£36.99 GBP


Signia Mini Receiver represents a new generation of RIC receivers. It is an advanced, updated product that maximises functionality, maintains outstanding flexibility and offers multiple size and power options and has been designed to prevent damage from moisture.

Remote Functions:

  • Great flexibility
  • Multiple size and power options
  • Prevents damage from moisture
  • Left/ right ear side indication



  • Xpereince
  • NX
  • Primax (additionally with Siemens versions)

Specsavers Advance:

  • Specsavers Advance, 16, 17, 18 & 19 Series
  • Specsavers Advance 815 (15 Series)

Audio Service:

  • G4, G5 & G6

Please note these receivers are not suitable for the newer Signia Pure AX & Styletto AX hearing aids. These aids require the Signia Mini Receiver 3.0.


1 x Receiver

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