Signia Inductive Charger II - For Charge & Go X Hearing Aids

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Signia’s Induction Charger II provides compatible Signia hearing aids with charge overnight in a sleek and attractive case. As a static charger, simply plug this into a power source.

This charger also has a dehumidifying function to draw moisture from hearing aids that can build up with every day use, keeping them free from problems caused by condensation.

Hearing Aid Power:

Charging will stop automatically when hearing aids are fully charged and they can remain in the charger safely until the user is ready for them. A full charge, which takes between 3 and 4 hours, will provide up to a generous 23 hours of hearing aid use. If you’re actively streaming we advise your aids may need charging sooner than 23 hours as streaming uses more power.

The charger will fit the compatible Signia hearing aids even if you have custom receivers.

A handy row of LED lights clearly shows the status of the hearing devices inserted.

Plug the charger into a power source before inserting hearing aids. Insert your hearing aids into the charging slot and do not unplug the power adapter while they are charging. Hearing aids can go in either slot and will fit fairly loosely in the charger.

Charger Features:

The Inductive Charger features LED light indicators at the front to show you the power level of your hearing aids whilst charging.

These intuitive LEDs lights will signal the status of devices:

  • Single green central light – plugged into power source.
  • Flashing orange – reading status from the hearing instruments
  • Single orange – 0-33% charged
  • Single green – 34-66% charged
  • Two green – 67-99% charged
  • Three green – Fully charged
  • Single orange moving across the row – Cooling cycle
  • Flashing red – Error (see manual)


Primarily compatible with Signia Charge&Go X hearing aids. This charger is also backwards compatible to previous hearing instruments using inductive charging (backwards to Cellion™ primax).

  • Motion Charge&Go X & Nx
  • Pure Charge&Go X & Nx
  • CROS Pure Charge&Go X & Nx

If your hearing aid is not mentioned please get in touch with our experts and we can recommend the compatible charger for you.


  • Sleek, attractive design that will look unobtrusive on your bedside table
  • Provides up to 23 hours of hearing aid use from a 3-4 hours charge
  • 30 minute fast charge provides an impressive 7 hours of additional hearing aid use
  • Fits hearing aids with moulded receivers
  • Dehumidifying and cooling function
  • Protective lid to protect hearing instruments from dust
  • Auto on/off feature

Includes: 1x Inductive Charger unit, 1x USB power cable, 1x power supply plug, 1x user information manual

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