Signia Inductive Charger E for Pure Charge&Go X and Motion Charge&Go X

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This small, discreet yet powerful stationary case is made especially for the for Pure Charge&Go X and Motion Charge&Go X.

Having an additional charger for your hearing aid can help keep you charged and ready to go at all time. Whether you’re at home or at work.

This charger is small and discreet allowing you to pop this in your pocket.

Charging Times:

The inductive charger delivers up to a full day’s wearing even with 5 hours of audio streaming.

You can give your aids a “fast charge” of 30 minutes and this can provide an additional 5 hours of hearing aid use, 3 hours when audio streaming.


This charger is compatible with the Signia Pure Charge&Go X and Motion Charge&Go X.

We do offer a huge variety of chargers for different brands. If your hearing aid is not mentioned please get in touch and we can recommend the compatible product for you.


1 x Charger Unit Case, 1 x Power Cable/Plug & 1 x Instructions Manual

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