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The all-new fully wireless GN ReSound TV Streamer 2 has been specifically designed to offer the very best streaming service for your hearing aids. Many people often find that when you have hearing loss, it can be difficult to match the television volume to those around you. With the TV Streamer 2, such worries are a thing of the past. GN ReSound’s system allows each individual with hearing aids to set their own custom volume so that everyone can enjoy their viewing at their own level. The benefits don’t end there, as the streamer features a special long range design and can carry a signal across 23 feet (7 metres).

Using your GN ReSound TV Streamer 2

To start using your brand new streamer, connect the power supply to the wall socket with the cable provided, and insert it into the TV Streamer 2’s micro-USB slot.

You can then connect the audio to your device through several different methods:

Audio Jack

Insert the male stereo mini-jack on the audio cable into the female stereo mini-jack input on the TV streamer 2. Then plug the other end into the ‘Audio Out’ socket on your audio device. This is typically marked ‘L’ and ‘R’ for left and right, and can often be found on the back of your computer, stereo or TV.

Headphone Jack

You can also use the headphone/audio socket if your device does not feature the left and right alignment. Place the audio cable directly into the slot labelled ‘audio’ or ‘headphones’ on your device and you’re ready to go.

SCART Adapter

Alternatively, you can use a SCART adapter to attach directly into the back of your TV; simply place the left and right red/white cables into the adapter itself, then into the back of your set. This can often be found on the back of the TV.

Toslink Audio Input

Connect the audio input cable to the relevant socket on the back of the TV Streamer 2, and then to your chosen device through the ‘Digital Audio Out/Optical’ slot.

Coaxial Audio Input

If your outlet has a ‘Digital Audio Out/Coaxial’ slot instead, then repeat the above method with the correct cable.

Pairing your device

Up to three seperate devices can be paired to your TV Streamer 2.

1. To begin pairing, ensure that your device is switched on and the LED is green.

2. Make sure that the extra devices you wish to pair are turned OFF.

3. Press the pairing button the corresponding amount of times for the channel you wish to pair with, i.e. once for pairing channel one, twice for pairing channel two.

4. The TV streamer 2 will now show a flashing yellow light for 20 seconds to highlight that it is now in pairing mode.

5. Turn on your other device(s). Once the device has completed pairing, an audible melody will be played from both hearing instruments.


Fully compatible with GN Resound & Danalogic hearing aid ranges:

  • ReSound One
  • ReSound Omnia
  • ReSound Nexia
  • ReSound Key
  • ReSound Linx Quattro
  • ReSound Linx 3D
  • ReSound Enzo Q & Enzo 3D
  • Danalogic Ambio 62/66/77 & 98

If you cannot see your hearing aid in the above list, get in touch with our dedicated support team and we can check the compatibility for you.

You can also link the TV Streamer 2 to your BeMore App to access the features from there.

Key Features:

  • Crystal-clear audio streaming
  • Personalized volume
  • Excellent range
  • Easy-to-use interface

Useful Addons:

Two additions to the TV Streamer 2 that make life that much easier are the GN ReSound Remote Control 2, a great tool which allows you to control every aspect of your streamer from a distance, and the GN ReSound Micro Mic which can stream sound and audio directly to your hearing aids.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x GN ReSound TV Streamer 2
  • USB Power Cable
  • Power Plug
  • Analogue/Mini-Jack Audio Cable
  • Optical (Toslink) Audio Input
  • Coaxial Audio Cable
  • TV Connector Adapter
  • User Manual


1 x GN ReSound TV Streamer, USB Power Cable, & Power Plug, Analogue/Mini-Jack Audio Cable, Optical (Toslink) Audio Input, Coaxial Audio Cable, TV Connector Adapter, and User Manual.

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