Phonak/Unitron Smokey Domes

Type: Open
Size: Small
Sale price£9.99 GBP


The Phonak Smoke Domes are for to be used with selected Phonak & Unitron hearing aids.

These domes are a dark grey 'smokey' colour are made from a comfortable silicon material and feature an integrated wax trap for extended clog up time. They have good retention in the ear and the smokey colour is less prone to discolouration and yellowing.

Regular replacement of the domes can help avoid the build up on wax and debris in your hearing aid receiver and keep things functioning fully for optimum sound performance.

Types & sizes :

Open: small = 7mm, medium = 8mm, large = 10mm

Closed: small = 7mm, medium = 9mm, large = 11mm

Power: small = 9mm, medium = 11mm, large = 13mm


1 x Pack of 10 domes

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