Phonak TV Connector for Lumity, Life & Marvel & Paradise hearing aids

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The Phonak TV Connector for Lumity, Life and Marvel & Paradise hearing aids is a hearing aid accessory designed to enhance your television listening experience. It streams audio from your television, PC or HiFi system directly into your hearing aids, providing crisp, high-quality sound. 

Compatible and discreet, with a generous 15-meter (50ft) range, this amazing device is the perfect hearing aid accessory to enhance your television listening experience.

How To Use:

The device can be connected to the audio source by either the optical (toslink) cable or analog jack which can then be plugged into the designated audio socket on the TV Connector.

When using the device for the first time, simply plug it into the USB at the back of the television or into a wall socket and it will automatically pair with your Lumity, Life, Marvel or Paradise hearing aids (provided that they are switched on and in range). You will then hear an audible tone from the hearing aids as confirmation that the pairing has been completed.

Then connect the device to your audio source using either the optical (toslink) cable or the analog jack and when you turn the television on, sound will automatically stream into your hearing aids. Please note that if the device is used with the analog jack, the sound will not be available from the main television speakers for unaided individuals to hear.

In case the initial connection with your aids is unsuccessful, or if the hearing aids are not within a 1 metre (3ft) range when the device is first powered, turn your hearing aids off, or place them into your charger. Then press the pairing button on the back of the connector and the LED lights will blink in green. You can now turn your hearing aids on or lift them from the charger. After the initial pairing, the device will connect again automatically.


The Phonak TV Connector is compatible with Phonak Audeo Marvel, wireless Vito Marvel, Bolero Marvel, Naida Marvel, Audeo Paradise, Naida Paradise, Lumity and Life hearing aids.

In case your hearing aid is not mentioned, please do get in touch and we can recommend the correct compatible device for you.

Features and benefits:

  • Compact and discreet
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Completely wireless
  • Pairs with your hearing aids automatically
  • Streams from your TV, Laptop, Computer or HiFi
  • Features LED indicator lights
  • 15 Meter (50ft) range
  • Allows listening without disturbing other viewers
  • Includes multiple audio input cables to suit your audio source

Included in the box:

The box includes 1 x Phonak TV Connector, 1 x plug power supply with USB Cable, 1 x optical (toslink) cable, 1 x 3.5mm analog jack and a user manual.

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