Phonak Serenity Work Reusable Earplugs

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The Phonal Serenity Choice Work is a new designed ear plugs by Phonak. This has been specifically developed as PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for all noisy work environments including; machine shops, farming, road building and construction. These earplugs can also be used for do-it-yourself works including gardening and cleaning making it extremely versatile. The advantage of this specific earplug is that it can be used in any situation where health and safety require the use of hearing protection i.e. where noise levels exceed the safety limit of 85db. Reducing heavy equipment, machinery, and tooling noise. These earplugs reduce the sound level by 24db making them safe to use for up to 8 hours continuous use in any environment up to 109db whilst ensuring the ear is kept well ventilated for maximum comfort.

Serenity Choice Work can also where necessary can be combined with other hearing protection (such as earmuffs) when double protection is needed. 

The Technology Behind Serenity:

The acoustic filters are fitted with advanced mesh technology to ensure that the ear always remains well ventilated and will prevent a build-up of excess moisture during the night. The ear tips are made from medical grade TPE making this product Hypoallergenic and as the ear tips can be used multiple times this makes this product excellent value for money


 Each pack comes with a variety of ear tip to fit you and help make wearing super comfortable.

  • SMALL = 5-10mm
  • MEDIUM = 6-11 mm
  • LARGE = 7-12 mm

Cleaning the ear tip is recommended daily, you can simply remove with a slow twisting motion and wipe clean we recommend the Phonak C&C Anti-Bacterial Wipes.

The acoustic filters are fitted with advanced mesh technology, this helps to ensure that your ears always remain well ventilated. 


  • Reusable Ear Tips.
  • Ear Ventilation Technology
  • Multiple size ear tips.
  • Lightweight and compact perfect for travel
  • Travel Case key ring included.
  • Patented filter technology that allows natural hearing, situational awareness, and communication
  • Reduces the sound level by 24 dB.
  • Easy insertion and removing with tongue feature.
  • Hypoallergenic ear tips made from medical grade TPE.
  • Ideal in environments of up to 109db
  • Can be combined with earmuffs or other hearing protection where double protection is needed.
  • Suitable for do-it-yourself work, gardening, and cleaning
  • Reduces heavy equipment, machinery, and tooling noise.
  • NNR (Noise Reduction Rating) 16bd
  • SNR (Single Number Rating) 24db


2 x Universal ear plugs in S, M and L size, Filters, 1 x Aluminium keyring carrying case & 1 x User guide

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