Phonak PilotOne II Remote Control

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The Phonak Pilot One II Remote Control offers full control of hearing aids for users with dexterity issues.

It was designed for maximum impact, ease of use and discretion. Its clever simplicity and ergonomic design make it totally user-friendly and is operated by a standard AAA standard alkaline battery.

It adjusts the volume and program settings of your hearing aids with four simple buttons Home, Volume Up, Volume Down and Program.


Compatible with Phonak Venture & Belong hearing aids.

Including Audéo B, Audéo V, Bolero B, Bolero V, Virto V (excluding nano and NW 0), Naida B, Naida V, Nathos Auto, Sky B, Sky V.


Phonak PilotOne II remote control, key fob, leather casing, user information manual

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