Phonak TVLink II Base Station

Sale price£129.99 GBP


The Phonak TVLink II Base Station is the ultimate device for enhancing your TV listening experience allowing for wireless streaming of high-quality sound directly into your hearing aids.

The Phonak TV Link II base station serves as a charging dock for your chosen Phonak streamer. Simply place the streamer into the dock and it will fully charge in under 3 hours. It can safely be left overnight in the TVLink II dock. 


  • Compatible with ComPilot II and ComPilot Air II
  • Digital volume adjustment with audio-visual feedback
  • No line of sight to hearing instruments necessary
  • Up to 30 meters (100ft) transmission range
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Exchangeable charging slot for streamer


Audéo V, Audeo Q90, Bolero V, Virto V (excluding nano and NW 0), Naida V, Naida B50 UP & SP, Sky V, CROSS II, Audéo B, Bolero B, Nathos Auto.

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