Phonak 4.0 Hearing Aid Domes (Marvel, Paradise & Lumity)

Type: Open
Size: Small
Sale price£9.99 GBP


The Phonak Marvel Domes are for Phonak Marvel & Paradise RIC (receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids)

Regular replacement of the domes can help avoid the build up on wax and debris in your hearing aid receiver and keep things functioning fully for optimum sound performance.


Open: Rounded style with holes which allow for natural sound to pass into the ear canal, usually for when low frequency hearing is good but high frequencies are drowned out.

Available in the below sizes:

  • Small = approx. 7mm
  • Medium = approx. 9mm
  • Large = approx. 11mm

Vented: Bud shaped style with tiny opens for ventilation, usually opted for moderate hearing loss.

Available in the below sizes:

  • Small = approx. 6mm
  • Medium = approx. 8mm
  • Large = approx. 10mm

Power: Bell shaped style with double skirts for better seal of sound. Usually opted for those with moderate-severe hearing loss.

Available in the below sizes:

  • Small = approx. 9mm
  • Medium = approx. 11mm
  • Large = approx. 13mm

Cap – only available in small. Very basic style which literally caps the receiver. More rarely used but opted for generally for very small or narrow ear canals.


1 x Pack of 10 domes

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