Oticon O-Cap Microphone Cover for Hearing Aids

Shade: Beige
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The Oticon O-Cap is a microphone cover/protector for the newer Bernafon or Oticon In-The-Ear (ITE) and In-The-Canal (ITC) hearing aids. They are nano-coated to prevent dirt and wax from entering the microphone inlet. If the inlet becomes blocked, the sound quality will be reduced. They are available in a selection of colours to match the faceplate of your hearing aids, so make sure you choose the right one!

How to use:

The tool has two ends – one for removal and one with the new O-Cap filter. To remove the old filter, push the pointed end of the tool into the existing O-Cap filter and pull it out. To replace it, insert the new O-Cap filter using the other end of the tool – then remove the tool and throw it away.

Please note that if your instrument has two microphone inlets, you can follow the same procedure to replace the second O-Cap filter.


O-Caps are designed for use in the newer Oticon ITE and ITC hearing instruments, however, please make sure that your hearing aid has a microphone inlet capable of accepting an O-Cap before purchase.

    Product specification:

    Weight: 9g

    Colour: beige, dark brown, light brown, medium brown


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