Oticon Hearing Aid MiniFit Ear Grips – Sport Locks (5 pack)

Type: MiniFit Reciever Speaker
Power: 60db
Sale price£9.99 GBP


Ear Grips (Sports Lock) for Oticon MiniFit Receiver Speakers & Oticon Corda MiniFit Thin Tubes.

Types & Size Available:

MiniFit Receiver Speaker Ear Grips:

  • 60 dB
  • 80 dB
  • 85 dB

Corda MiniFit Thin Tubes Ear Grips

  • One Size

How to identify your power size:

Each power size ear grip relates to the power size of your existing receiver speaker. To help identify your receiver speaker power your existing wire may have all the answers.

You can find printed on the side of your receiver wire the dB printed. This is usually found under or near the end of the receiver where your dome sits.


    1 Pack = 5 Tubes & Retention Locks

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