Oticon & Bernafon NoWax Wax Guards

Quantity: 1 Pack
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Oticon NoWax Wax Guards are push-on disposable wax guards that help protect your hearing aid and are designed to reduce wax entering into them.


For Oticon custom (in the ear) and RITE (receiver in the ear canal) hearing aids including: Agil, Agil Pro, Acto, Acto Pro, Epoq, Dual, Delta, Vigo, Vigo Pro, INO, Intiga, and Hit hearing aids.

For Bernafon custom (in the ear) and RITE (receiver in the ear canal ) hearing aids including: Verite, Chronos, Inizia, Acriva, Carista hearing aids.


1 Pack includes - 6 wax filters

3 Packs includes - 18 wax filters

5 Packs includes - 30 wax filters

How to replace:

Step 1: Take your Oticon wax guard and take out the tool from the shell. The tool consists of a semi-circular tool with two pins at the end. On one side is an empty pin for removing used hearing wax guard while the other contains a new hearing aid wax guard.

Step 2: Insert the empty side of the pin into the used hearing aid wax guard and pull it out vertically. Once the old wax guard is out, turn the other end and insert the new wax guard into the hearing aid receiver. Roll it to help the wax guard come off. Once the new wax guard is in place, your hearing aid is good to use. Discard the replacement tool properly.

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