GN Resound Wax Guards HF3 Traps

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GN ReSound Wax Guards are push-on disposable wax guards that prevent earwax and moisture from entering your hearing aids.

1 pack includes: 

1 x case, 14 x filters, 1 x insert tool

How to replace:

Step 1: the changing tool that comes with the filter has a threaded side which is used for removing the used filter. Insert it into the used wax guard in your hearing aid and screw gently for up to 1 mm. stop as soon as you notice a resistance. Pull the changing tool out vertically to extract the used wax guard.
Step 2: getting rid of the used wax guard filter. Take your changing tool that has the used wax guard filter on it and insert it into the center of the dispenser. Push your changing tool sideways to the end of the slot then pull out your changing tool vertically. This will get rid of the used wax guard filer from the changing tool.
Step 3: rotate the adjustable wheel of the wax guard until you have an open chamber. Flip the changing tool over to the edgy side and push it into the wax guard filter. You should feel a clipping sound. Pull the changing tool out vertically, the new wax guard filter should be attached to it.
Step 4: Push the new wax guard into the opening of the hearing aid. Ensure it sits properly in the chamber. Bend the changing tool to one side to release the wax guard.
Step 5: return the changing tool to its original position and your device is ready for use.

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