GN ReSound SureFit 3 Receivers

Size: 0
Power: Low Power
Ear: Right
Sale price£54.99 GBP


Receiver wires do become worn after time. Due to the amount of time you can wear your hearing aid. Changing your receiver wire can provide you with a consistent quality of audio performance.

Receivers on average can last up to 6-12 months, this does depend on your amount of use. Especially if you remove and insert your hearing aids daily.

If your audio quality begins to reduce we recommend maintaining your hearing aids by changing your wax filters and replacing you receiver wire.

How to remove your old receiver


These SureFit 3 receivers are only compatible with the GN ReSound ONE and Omnia hearing aid.

If you have GN ReSound ENYA, LiNX² or Linx3D you require the SureFit 2 receivers.

Find the SureFit 2 receivers on our website.

GN ReSound SureFit 2 Receivers (

How to identify your receiver side, size & power:

Each receiver is colour coded to help you identify which ear is required.

Ear side:

Blue = Left

Red = Right

On the side of the receiver wire you should either see a print, or embossed set of numbers. These will indicate your strength and wire length.


0, 1, 2, 3, or 4


Low = LP

Medium = MP

High = HP


1 x Receiver wire

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