Geemarc LH102 LoopHEAR 102 Induction Loop

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Geemarc LH102 LoopHear 102 Induction Loop

The Geemarc LH102 LoopHear 102 Induction Loop has been designed to improve the sound quality of conversations between speakers and wearers of T-coil hearing aids. The portable device is ideal for use in public places, and features numerous adjustable settings to ensure the best possible audio quality is transmitted.

Indications of the Induction Loop

The LoopHear 102 Induction Loop is a lightweight device ideal for enhancing the practicality of conversations between speakers and wearers of T-coil hearing aids in public places. This will be particularly useful in areas such as railway stations and banks where important information needs to be relayed.

It can also help transactions at counters and service desks to run more smoothly by ensuring that communication is as clear as possible. With the Induction Loop also being a great option for use in small spaces such as meeting rooms and in vehicles, it can improve the quality of conversation for T-coil users almost anywhere.

Adjustability of the Induction Loop

The Induction Loop has been designed to ensure that the best levels of sound can be provided for the listener(s). The input level can be altered for picking up certain sounds, and the magnetic field can also be adjusted. 

With varied tone control, the listener will benefit from optimal tone to suit their needs, making it ideal for anybody who has difficulty hearing sounds that are either too high or too low in pitch. The adjustable volume knob also ensures that the best volume level is transmitted for the external hearing aid-compatible earpiece.

Benefits of the Induction Loop

The built-in microphone effectively picks up sound and is stored next to the unit for easy management. There is also an indicator level output of the loop so complete control and monitoring can be assured.

Guaranteeing versatile use, the LoopHear Induction Loop can be connected to external audio devices such as an MP3 player or computer, benefiting from its adjustable settings for a wide range of situations. The low battery indicator helps provide a prompt when the device needs to be charged, ensuring it can always be ready for use when required.

Included Accessories

The LoopHear 102 Induction Loop comes with a range of accessories to help guarantee that it can be used with all its capabilities. The following accessories are included:

  • External microphone with stand (3.5mm jack connection)
  • External HAC earpiece for private listening
  • Rechargeable Li-poly battery (11,1V/1800mA)
  • External power supply adaptor (230VAC - 15VDC)
  • Removable cover for mounting on a desk
  • Official pictographs 'crossed ear' for signage
  • Lightweight case

Technical Specifications

  • Battery time: 5 to 8 hours when fully charged
  • Standby time when turned on: 1.5 to 2 days
  • Standby time when switched off: 4 months
  • Power supply: UK, VDE, or US
  • Weight: 750g
  • Overall dimensions: 25 x 22 x 7cm

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