Geemarc AMPLIPOWER Mega amplification 40 Big Button Telephone

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Geemarc Amplipower 40 Amplified Telephone

If you struggle to hear phone conversations and often miss incoming calls, then the Geemarc Amplipower 40 Amplified Telephone can provide you with the adjustable extra-loud volume you may need. Enjoy receiver volume of up to 40dB (around four to five times louder than a standard phone!) and ringer volume of up to  80dB, with larger buttons also featured for easier dialling.

Key Features and Benefits of the Geemarc Amplipower 40 Phone

In case you're in a hurry and need to decide quickly about which phone is right for you, we've put together this list of some of the main key features and benefits of the Geemarc Amplipower 40 Telephone. Key features include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Enjoy receiver volume of up to 40dB (4 - 5 times louder than a standard phone!) for clearer conversations
  • Make sure you don't miss any more phone calls with the ringer volume of up to 80dB
  • Improve dialling with large and easy-to-read buttons
  • Hearing aid compatibility of the Amplipower 40 improves versatility
  • Adjustable tone with up to +10dB bass and treble alteration
  • Extra-bright LED ringer indicator provides an added visual alert when the phone rings
  • Improves wellbeing and social interaction by improving ease and quality of communication
  • Hands-free capabilities ideal if you suffer from arthritis or a similar condition where you would struggle to hold the handset
  • Wall-mountable design helps to ensure that you can remain seated and at a comfortable height during calls

How Loud Is the Amplipower 40 Phone?

With adjustable volume that can be altered through a simple sliding mechanism, the receiver volume of the Amplipower 40 Amplified Telephone can reach 40dB, which is around four to five times as loud as a standard telephone. The receiver volume can be adjusted to up to 80dB, which is particularly useful if you find that you often don't hear incoming calls.

Are Hearing Aids Compatible with the Amplipower 40 Telephone?

The Geemarc Amplipower 40 Amplified Telephone is compatible with most hearing aids. This makes it a great choice for households where not every member of the household wears a hearing aid, allowing the telephone to cater to each individual's needs.

To use the Amplipower 40 phone with a hearing aid, switch your hearing aid to the T position. Once the phone rings, lift the receiver to your ear with the hearing aid to enjoy a clearer and more audible conversation.

Can I Use the Geemarc Amplipower 40 Phone with Reduced Vision?

With the large and clear buttons of the Amplipower 40 Amplified Telephone, dialling can be more manageable if you struggle to see traditional phones with their smaller keypads. Whether you suffer from a condition like arthritis or just find yourself often misdialling numbers due to fiddly buttons, the Amplipower 40 Phone can help you to overcome this.

How Easy Is It to Set Up and Adjust the Amplipower 40 Phone?

Unlike a lot of modern phones, which often require extensive programming before use, the Amplipower 40 Amplified Telephone is quite simply to set up. Simply connect the handset to the main unit, and plug in the adaptor cord and wall plug. You can then adjust the alarm and ringer volumes using the three-position switch on the right side of the phone to customise the phone with your required settings. 

Can I Adjust the Receiving Tone of My Amplipower 40 Phone?

The tone of your Geemarc Amplipower 40 Telephone can be adjusted by sliding the TONE button beside the VOLUME button. Sliding to the left will adjust the bass tone with a maximum of +10dB, while sliding the button to the right will adjust the treble tone with a maximum of +10dB. This makes it a great choice if you're looking for phones for the hard of hearing, as it allows you to tailor the audio as required.

Are there Hands-Free Capabilities with the Amplipower 40 Phone?

The Amplipower 40 phone can be used as a hands-free speaker phone. This is a great feature if you suffer from arthritis or any similar condition where you would find it uncomfortable or difficult to hold the handset for any length of time.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Ringer Volume: Up to 80dB
  • Maximum Receiver Volume: Up to 40dB
  • Receiving Tone Control: Up to 10dB bass/treble
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility: Yes
  • Last Number Redial: Yes
  • Mute Button: Yes
  • One-Touch Memories: 9
  • Emergency Memories: 3
  • Melodies: 3
  • Batteries: 4 x AAA (for emergency use only)

12 months warranty

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