Geemarc AmpliDECT 595-2 Ultra Low Energy Amplified Cordless Phone with Additional Handset

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Geemarc AmpliDECT 595-2 Ultra Low Energy Amplified Cordless Phone with Additional Handset

Do you or a loved one struggle to make phone calls due to reduced hearing? Featuring an extra loud ring tone and a receiver volume of up to 50dB (16 times louder a standard phone), the Geemarc AmpliDECT 595-2 Ultra Low Energy Amplified Cordless Phone with Additional Handset can make it easier to hear when your phone is ringing, and to carry out a conversation with the person on the other line.

Key Features and Benefits of the Geemarc Amplified 50dB Phone

The Geemarc Amplified 50dB Phone comes with a range of helpful features, including:

  • Receiver volume can be adjusted up to 50dB (16 times louder than a standard phone)
  • Extra loud 80dB ringtone on handset and base ensures you'll never miss a call
  • Tone can be adjusted to 3 different levels to suit your hearing
  • Large buttons with backlighting for easy dialling
  • Save up to nine phone numbers to be accessed at the touch of a button
  • Display shows Caller ID with name and number (save up to 50 names and numbers)
  • Talking assist can aid number dialling for those with limited eyesight
  • Talking assist can also read Caller ID of up to four saved numbers
  • SOS button offers up to 4 emergency numbers to be saved
  • Speaker phone is ideal for those with arthritis or limited mobility in their hands
  • Answering machine can record messaged up to 30 minutes long
  • Handset Display offers choice of seven languages: English, German, French Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Talking keys and answering machine offer choice of four languages: English, French, German and Dutch

Who Can Benefit from the Geemarc Amplified 50dB Cordless Phone

With an adjustable receiver volume up to 16 times as loud as a standard phone, the Geemarc Amplified 50dB phone is a fantastic home phone for the hard of hearing. For easier communication with loved ones, up to 50 names and numbers can also be saved, 9 of which can be accessed at the touch of a button.

How Loud Is the Geemarc Amplified 50dB Phone?

The receiver volume of the Geemarc AmpliDECT 595-2 can be adjusted to be up to 50dB, which is about 16 times louder than a standard telephone. The ringtone can reach up to 80dB, which is the equivalent volume to heavy traffic, making it easier for you to hear the phone every time it rings.

What Is The Ringer Like On This Phone?

Both the handset and the base of this phone have a ringer that can reach up to 80dB, so a call can be heard even when the phone is away from its base station. A choice of five normal ringtones are available on both the handset and base, and five polyphonic ringtones are available on the handset alone.

What Is A Polyphonic Ringtone?

Polyphonic ringtones play more than one note at the same time. Many standard ringtones however are only able to produce a single note at a time.

Can I Use This Phone with Impaired Vision?

If you have reduced vision or suffer with a condition like arthritis, it can be difficult to interact with small buttons on a dial pad. To help you manage these difficulties, the Geemarc AmpliDECT phone has large, backlit buttons, as well as a voice assist function for dialling.

Does the Phone Feature Voice Assist?

Yes, the voice assist function will clearly read out information to the user, making it ideal for the visually impaired. The voice assist features:

  • The ability to save a voice recording of the names of up to four contacts, which will be read out when they call
  • A talking keypad that will read out the number on each button when pressed to assist with dialling
  • Four language options (English, French, German and Dutch)

Does The AmpliDECT Have a Speaker Phone?

Arthritis or other conditions causing pain and decreased mobility in your hands can make it difficult to hold a handset for long periods of time. This is why the handset of the AmpliDECT comes with a speaker phone function that allows users to engage in hands-free calls.

Does The AmpliDECT Have an Answering Machine?

This phone has an answering machine that can record and playback messages up to 30 minutes long. A slow read function also allows you to slow recordings down, which can make it easier to hear messages more clearly.

How Easy Is It to Set Up the AmpliDECT 595-2 Phone?

The AmpliDECT is designed for easy, straightforward set up and use. The base will need to be plugged in to both the mains power, and the telephone wall socket. The handsets will then need to have their batteries inserted, before being placed face forwards in their bases to charge. More information can be found in the instructions manual.

How Do I Use the AmpliDECT 595-2 Phone?

This phone is supplied with a multitude of functions including speaker phone, answer phone and voice assists. Detailed instructions on how to use your phone and all of its functions can be found in the instructions manual included in your purchase.

What Is the Benefit of the Additional Handset?

With this purchase you will receive two handsets, which can be placed in separate rooms for more convenient access. This way you can ensure you have a handset nearby whenever you need to pick up a call.

Conference Calls Capability

With this additional handset, you can also engage in conference calls, or three ways calls involving both handsets and one external party. You may want to use this feature when a call needs to be heard by more than one family member at once.

How Big Is the Geemarc AmpliDECT Phone?

The base of the Geemarc AmpliDECT measures 136mm x 91mm x 105mm, which should fit most standard side tables. Meanwhile the handset measures 185mm x 55mm x 25mm.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Ringer Volume: Up to 80dB
  • Maximum Receiver Volume: Up to 50dB
  • Mute Button: Yes
  • One-Touch Numbers: 9
  • Emergency Numbers: 4
  • Standby Time: About two days
  • Talk Time: Approximately 10 hours
  • Batteries per handset: 3 x AAA rechargeable batteries (ni-Mh 1.2V 600mA)
  • Handset Dimensions: 185 x 55 x 25mm
  • Base Dimensions: 136 x 91 x 105mm
  • Handset Display: White LCD
  • Range:
    • Up to 50m indoors
    • Up to 300m in open field


  • 2 x Cordless Handsets
  • 1x Main Base Station
  • 1 x Additional Handset Base
  • 1x AC Power Adapter
  • 6 x Rechargeable Batteries (NiMH)
  • 1 x Telephone Cord
  • 1x User’s Manual 


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