Ear Wax Removal Kit by Honey Gusto

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Earwax Removal Kit by Honey Gusto | Natural Cleaning Tool | Ear Irrigation Spray at Home | Medical Irrigator for Kids

This is an all-inclusive kit for earwax removal. 

BENEFITS - No high pressure suction or heat required. Fast and comfortable extraction.

SIMPLE instructions: The ear wax cleaner ensures ear irrigation is SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Our Earwax Irrigation Kit provides a safe and professional method to clean your ears. 

DIRECTIONS: Create the ear washer solution for the bottle, as described in the instruction manual included with the product. Make sure you're seated for the procedure. Have a partner gently insert the jet tip into the ear and have them spray the washer solution into the ear. The resulting fluid will drain into the catcher basin you shall place atop your shoulder. Remain seated for a few minutes after the process is complete. You may also gently dab your ears dry with cotton wool as you are seated.

COMPLETE ear irrigation kit contains 1 washer bottle, 1 medical-grade tube, 1 drainage basin, and 5 disposable irrigation tips. Many physicians commonly use it. So you can bring this procedure into the comforts of your own home!

LARGE SIZE: 500 ml ear wax remover ensures the IDEAL ear cleaner solution is attained. Plus BPA free plastic. Ear washers convey a controlled stream of water down the ear canal.

VALUE: stay at HOME and use the ear cleaning kit. Perfect for people with hearing aids, narrow and hairy ear canals, swim regularly and tinnitus.

BENEFITS: LUER LOCK Design for ear wax removal tool ensures a complete LEAK-FREE connection. Compacted earwax is dislodged for adults and kids.

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