Phonak 4.0 Receivers (For Marvel & Paradise)

Size: 0
Power: Standard
Ear: Right
Sale price£27.50 GBP


The Phonak 4.0 receiver is a 3 Pin receiver with 3 power options S M or P and are compatible with Phonak Marvel & Paradise hearing aids.


These Receivers are only compatible with the Phonak Marvel & Paradise Hearing Aids.

If you have any other Phonak hearing aids you would require the Phonak 2 Pin xReceivers For RIC Hearing Aids. 

Ear side:

Blue = Left

Red = Right

On the side of the receiver wire you should either see a print, or embossed set of numbers. These will indicate your strength and wire length.


0, 1, 2, 3


Standard = S

Medium = M

Power = P


1 x Receiver

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