Cerustop Hearing Aid Wax Filters Guards

Quantity: 1 Pack
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Cerustop Wax Guards are push-on disposable wax guards that help protect your hearing aid and are designed to reduce wax entering into them.


CeruStop Wax Guards are compatible with most Widex, Phonak, Unitron, and ReSound hearing aids.

Cerustop Wax Guards maintain your hearing aid performance by protecting them from earwax build-up and moisture.


1 Pack includes - 8 wax filters

3 Packs includes - 24 wax filters

5 Packs includes - 40 wax filters

How to replace:

First, take out your hearing aid and wipe out any visible wax from the hearing aid. Take out the holder and using the side with the hook, insert it into the used hearing wax guard. Do this gently and ensure the shaft of the holder is touching the edge of the wax guard. Gently pull it out. ensure you pull straight out. avoid twisting or prying the wax guard when pulling it out from the bushing.

Once you have pulled out the used hearing wax guard, turn the holder over to the other end holding the new wax guard. When inserting the new wax guard, the same level of precaution is required. Push the wax guard gently straight into the opening of the receiver. Do not apply too much force when inserting the wax guard to avoid causing damage to your device. When you insert, ensure that the outer ring of the wax guard is well positioned on the opening of the hearing aid receiver. Once inserted, pull the holder gently out in a straight motion. As usual, avoid twisting or prying the wax guard holder when pulling it out. the new wax guard if properly inserted will remain in place while the holder pulls apart.

After successfully inserting the new wax guard, discard the holder with the used wax guard properly. Do not reuse a wax guard. It is important to check the wax guard after insertion. If it fits loosely, removes and discard and insert a new one.

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