Bellman Visit Push-Button Transmitter and Flash Receiver Care Value Bundle

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Bellman Visit Push-Button Transmitter and Flash Receiver Care Value Bundle

Knowing when a loved one needs your assistance can be difficult when you're deaf or hard of hearing, luckily the Bellman Visit Push-Button Transmitter and Flash Receiver Care Value Bundle is here to help. This bundle is the perfect way to begin your Bellman home system, keep tabs on your loved ones and expand your awareness of what's happening around your home.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Push-Button Transmitter
  • 1 x Flash Receiver
  • 1 x Lanyard with Safety Clasp
  • 1 x Power Adaptor
  • Screws and Plugs (for optional wall mounting)
  • Double Sided Sticky Tape
  • 2 x User Manuals

This pack includes everything you need for easy installation of your Bellman products. With all the necessary components included in the box, your home system will be ready to go in no time.

The Care Value Bundle

This value pack is designed for deaf and hard of hearing people to help them stay aware of what is happeing in their home. The Push-Button Transmitter has multiple uses and you can find which of its uses works best for you, either as a doorbell or a panic/call alarm. Bundled with the Flash Receiver with Back-Up Batteries, you will be clearly alerted whenever the button is pressed.

Start Your Home System with the Bellman Visit Flash Receiver

If you are deaf or hard of hearing and struggle with knowing when someone is at the door or when the phone is ringing, this portable and bright flashing device will alert you to what's happening around your home. As part of the Bellman home system, this receiver can be paired with a number of devices for a comprehensive awareness of your home and family.

Bellman Flash Receiver on Table

How Does the Bellman Flash Receiver Work?

This Bellman Receiver communicates with Bellman Transmitters using radio signals to receive information and alert you if any sensor has been triggered. The Flash Receiver will notify you by releasing bright flashes, thanks to the 30 candela xenon lights that it contains. This receiver runs from the mains but can be battery powered, allowing you to move it about your home with greater ease.

Peace of Mind with the Bellman Visit Push-Button Transmitter

The push-button transmitter can help to keep seniors who are at risk of falling or injuring themselves connected to the rest of the family. It can also be used to help you keep tabs on the comings and goings in your home and help you know when someone is at the door if you are hard of hearing.

Bellman Visit Flash Receiver Being Activated By the Push-Button Transmitter

Suitable for Use as a Doorbell

By simply mounting the push-button transmitter outside your home it can be used as a doorbell connected to your Bellman Receiver. The push button will then use a secure radio connection to send a signal to your flasing receiver that will indicate with a bright light that someone has arrived at your house.

Use As a Call Button or Panic Alarm

As the Bellman Call Button Transmitter comes with a lanyard with detachable safety clasp, it can be worn around the neck of your loved one or individual that you care for who can press the button if something happens that requires your attention. If the button is pressed a signal will immediately be forwarded to your receiver that will use flashes to alert you.

Bellman Call-Button Lifestyle Image

What If the Flash Receiver Is Too Bright?

The positioning of the flashing light is completely adjustable as you can rotate the device and point the light wherever is most convenient for you. If you find the flash too bright, simply turn the light head away from you so that when it flashes it is not directly in your direction.

Individual Light Alerts

The Bellman Visit Flash Receiver comes with four coloured LED indicator lights that signal:

  • Orange LED – Next to the dummy symbol indicates the Baby Monitor is activated
  • Green LED – Next to the door symbol indicates the Push-Button Transmitter is activated
  • Yellow LED – Next to the telephone symbol indicates the Telephone Transmitter is activated
  • Red LED – Next to the fire symbol indicates that the Smoke Alarm is activated

Back-Up Battery Life for the Flash Receiver

The Flash Receiver does not solely rely on power from the mains but also runs from AAA batteries, so that you can count on it to work even during a power cut. The battery back-up also means that this receiver is portable, so that you can take it around the house as long as it remains within its functioning range from a Bellman Transmitter.

Durable and Long-Lasting Elderly Call Button Transmitter

The transmitter is designed to be worn for long periods every day and can withstand general wear and tear of constant use. What's more, this device has an approximate operation time of 2 years thanks to its exceptional battery life. This means you don't need to worry about the transmitter running out when your loved one needs it the most.

Maintenance of the Care Value Bundle

Bellman design their products to require minimal amounts of maintenance and, as these devices come with everything they need out the box, you will have a hassle free experience with them. The Flash Receiver will charge its own batteries when on mains power and can last for 48 hours without being charged. If either product becomes dusty, simply wipe them down with a dry cloth (do not use household cleaning products).

Key Features of the Bellman Visit Elderly Call Button Push-Button Transmitter

  • Simple to use, intuitive design featuring one button to be pressed in need of emergency or as a doorbell
  • Keep tabs on your loved one or someone you're caring for so that you can hear them when they need you
  • Option to be used as doorbell so your receiver can loudly and clearly alert you when someone is at the door
  • Uses secure radio signals to communicate with a Bellman Receiver up to 250m away
  • Supplied ready to use out the box with all the necessary components included so the button can quickly become part of your Visit home system
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 66 x 48 x 23mm (2.6 x 1.9 x 0.9")
  • Weight: 50g (0.11lbs) including batteries

Key Features of the Bellman Visit Flash Receiver with Battery Back-Up

  • Intense flashing light signals with the power of 30 Candela Xenon lights for clear and silent alerting
  • Can run on back-up batteries for up to 48 hours reducing risk of power loss in an emergency
  • Thanks to battery back-up the device is portable so that you can move it round the house with you
  • Four LED indicators specify what Bellman Transmitter sent the notification signal to your device
  • Adjustable radio key allowing reliable use even in close proximity to other Visit System devices
  • Wireless transmission with operating range of 200m depending on the layout of your home
  • Rotating flash head allows you to point the device in any direction so that it is never too bright
  • Can connect to various accessories: including the Bellman Bed Shaker; Mobile phone sensor or a landline
  • Can be mounted using BE9075 Bellman Wallmount Bracket (accessory), or placed on a level surface
  • Dimensions (HxD): 155 x 78mm (6.1 x 3.1")
  • Weight: 320g (approx 0.71lbs)

Technical Specifications

Bellman Visit Push-Button Transmitter

  • Battery power: 6V PX28A alkaline or 6V PX28L lithium
  • Operating time: approx. 2 years
  • Active power consumption: 35mA
  • Idle power consumption: <0.05μA
  • Radio frequency: 868.3MHz
  • Number of radio keys: 64 standard expandable to 256
  • Coverage: 200m (with clear line of sight)
  • Colour: White with Grey Push Button

Bellman Visit Flash Receiver with Battery Back-Up

  • Mains power: 7.5V DC/ 1500mA with power supply unit. BE9092 (Europe), BE9217 (United Kingdom)
  • Back-up battery power: 4 x 1.2V AAA (LR03) NiMH rechargeable batteries. 600 mAh. Battery back-up ~48 hours stand by when fully charged
  • Active power consumption: 1250mA
  • Idle power consumption: 10mA
  • Radio frequency: 868.3MHz
  • Number of radio keys: 64 standard expandable to 256
  • Coverage: 200m (with clear line of sight)
  • Radio activation: Bellman Visit Transmitters
  • Analogue telephone network activation: 26 - 120V RMS, 15 - 100Hz
  • Built-in flash light signal: ~30 Candela
  • Colour: white

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