The Widex Sound Assist™ is a multifunctional accessory designed to improve communication in a variety of situations. This product works with any Moment 2.4 G HZ enabled hearing aid, including the new Widex Moment Sheer™ sRIC R D. The Sound Assist is compact, lightweight and offers six unique functions to help the end user hear optimally in any complex environment or situation where noise could hinder understanding.  

The modes of the Sound Assist include Remote Microphone, Bluetooth and Telecoil.  This enables the Sound Assist accessory to be used:

  • As a partner microphone
  • As a tabletop microphone
  • For Handsfree calling
  • For Bluetooth streaming
  • As a hearing aid remote control
  • In a looped room

We recognize that everyone needs an assist sometimes. Widex Sound Assist make it easy to access assistance when needed and eliminates the need for multiple devices to get the job done

This is a product that will enrich the audio experience and expand connectivity. The Widex Sound Assist showcases how Widex is always establishing new unique technologies that are designed to extend the benefits of natural sound to support overall wellbeing and enable greater engagement in life.

No matter the situation, Widex Sound Assist will allow wearers to hear sounds that matter to them.


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